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أحمد المغربي

Oud Lavender 75ml

Oud Lavender 75ml

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Experience the essence of luxury with Oud Lavender! Bursting with floral notes, this exquisite fragrance evokes the mysterious East and captivates with a woody aroma. Unmissable, unforgettable and deeply indulgent.

Oud Lavender is a luxurious fragrance created by the renowned perfumer Ahmed Al Maghribi. This fragrance is designed to be unisex, sophisticated and long-lasting. It combines a unique blend of floral, woody and musky scents to create an unforgettable fragrance.

As you accelerate, the scent of lavender and oud fills the air, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. The aromatic lavender provides a sense of calm and relaxation, while the woody oud adds a touch of richness and depth, evoking feelings of warmth and luxury.

The unique blend of lavender and oud in this perfume is carefully crafted to provide a balance of calming and grounding elements, perfect for the high-speed environment of driving a luxury car. With its long-lasting scent, Oud Lavender can stay with you throughout your journey, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

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