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Little Hearts 50ml

Little Hearts 50ml

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LITTLE HEARTS is a feminine fragrance that is undeniably delectable. Your senses will be awakened as you breathe in the sweet lime, orange, and other sweet citrus notes that greet you in the opening. The experience is so pleasing and uplifting, that it will surely brighten your mood. Just when you thought it could’t get any better, you are softly escorted to the heart of this fragrance.

You will be intoxicated with a tropical cocktail of sweet pineapple, juicy ripe mango and exotic mixed fruit notes that represent the heart of this fragrance. You will feel as if you were swept away to an exotic island sipping on a tropical drink, while the sun and sea air kiss your skin. In this moment you feel relaxed and refreshed.


The amber and vanilla accords are sweet and creamy, giving this fragrance a luxurious and rich feel. They blend beautifully with the warm sensual note of musk, which smells like warm skin touched by the sun. There is a youthful and vibrant aura about LITTLE HEARTS that will captivate women of all ages.



Top Notes: Sweet Citrus, Sweet Lime and Orange

Middle Notes: Fruity, Mango, Pineapple and Mixed Fruits

Base Notes: Amber, Amber Resin, Musk and Vanilla

FRAGRANCE TYPE: eau de parfum

VOLUME: 50ml

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