5 Top Perfumes in Saudi Arabia

5 Best Arabic Perfume Brands (and Their Best Fragrances)

Arabic perfumes might just be the most decadent in the world. Each scent designed by one of these popular fragrance houses is a work of art in bottled form, masterfully blended using luxurious essential oils sourced from across the globe.

While the best Arabic perfumes have a few things in common (like their endless longevity and premium array of notes) fragrance from this part of the world still varies depending on each country of origin. 

Perfume made in Dubai, for example, usually features a wider range of western and Indian influences. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian cologne brands and the best Saudi Arabian perfumes tend to be a little lighter with more traditional roots and notes. 

Whatever your fragrance of choice, you’ll love discovering the impressive world of Arabian scents whenever you want to feel like a million dollars. Not sure where to start? Read on for all of the best Arabic perfume brands for women.

1. Ahmed Al Maghribi 

Al Maghribi is one of the best Saudi Arabian unisex perfume brands. The beloved perfumer grew from a humble family business to a thriving, multi-country operation quickly. Its scents play like music on the skin with individual notes that perform in harmony. Bin Sheikh Edition is an emirati fragrance of luxury living, with fruity, green, and woody accords and a sugar-coated heart.

Oud Lavender leans more into the western end of the Arabic perfume esthetic with fresh, sweet accords of lavender and oud. Oud Crush is a beautiful floral blend with jasmine and oud at heart notes. When it comes to delicious perfume made in United Arab Emirates and the Gulf, Al Maghribi ticks all the boxes.

Best perfumes: Oud Lavender , Oud & Roses, Bin Sheikh , Awfa , Daam Watani , Dehn Al Oud Saad , Dehn Al Oud Qadeem

2. Lattafa

Raghba Wood Intense Perfume By Lattafa

Lattafa is a perfume dynasty from Dubai. A brand loved for its wonderfully detailed scents, many of which boast of impressive longevity, it’s an exceptional Arabian fragrance brand for women with a taste of luxury. 

Raghba Wood Intense is one of the best Arabic perfumes for nighttime occasions with an impressive power and sillage to match. Ana Abiyedh I Am White is a soft blend of vanilla, musk, and powdery notes that’s ideal for cozy weekend mornings. Ramz Lattafa Gold is stately and impressive with opulent jasmine, sandalwood, guaiac wood, and patchouli notes and excellent longevity on the skin.

Best perfumes: Lattafa Raghba Wood Intense, Lattafa Khaltat Al Arabia Royal BlendLattafa Ana Abiyedh I Am White

3. Khususi

Ser Al Zahbi Perfume By Khususi

Khususi is an Arabic cologne and perfume brand known for its rich, detailed fragrances that seem to tell a new story with each spritz. Heavily inspired by its UAE heritage with exotic notes to match, each Khusisi perfume is a brilliant example of everything an Arabic scent should be. 

Ser Al Zahbi is a blur of oriental woody notes while Oud Khalis is a sweet, regal blend of oud, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Ser Al Fiddi offers a unisex fragrance that leans towards the masculine end with a spicy finish. Khususi’s fragrances are among the best Arabic perfumes for special occasions.

Best perfumes: Khusisi Ser Al ZahbiKhususi Oud KhalisKhusisi Ser Al Fiddi

4. Nusuk

Nusuk Blue Oud Perfume By Nusuk

Nusuk is a sophisticated Dubai perfume brand and is one of the most popular Arabic fragrance houses. Mostly focusing around rich, intense oud notes, each Nusuk perfume perfectly balances its base with unique twists. 

Blue Oud is aromatic and fruity, blending fresh, spicy accords with sea notes and a hint of geranium. Amber Oud is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, thanks to its delicious caramel aroma. It’s one of the best perfumes made in Dubai for those looking to get accustomed with oud fragrances. Musky Rose is intriguing and captivating, with floral notes, vanilla, and musk.

Best perfumes: Nusuk Blue OudNusuk Amber OudNusuk Musky Rose

5. Afnan

Afnan Rare Tiffany Perfume By Afnan

Afnan is sold in more than 30 countries and is a popular Arabic perfume brand for women around the world. Fusing together its heritage from the UAE and its global appeal, it’s home to a large range of Arabic scents with western touches. 

Rare Tiffany’s beautiful aquamarine bottle paves the way for a just-as beautiful bouquet of rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Modest Pour Femme Deux is one of the sweetest Arabic perfumes with a mouthwatering offering of caramel, chocolate, cherries, and raspberries. Ornament Purple Allure is somehow citrus, gourmand, floral, and spicy all at once and is one of the most versatile scents around.

Best perfumes: Afnan Rare TiffanyAfnan Modest Pour Femme DeuxAfnan Ornament Purple Allure

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